Fact Checking Policy

Fact Checking Policy 

Words have power and media has social responsibilities. It is our sole responsibility to provide factual content to our readers, therefore we aim to be accurate in our fact-checking process. We consult multiple sources to ensure that all the facts we provide are backed by sound evidence. Before publishing any news, we always cross check the sources. We do not promote fake news.

We are committed to publish accurate news information on our website. We use multi-level fact-checking structure for our content. We have a dedicated team of editors who go through each article, word by word, to ensure the factual accuracy of the content we publish.

We do not believe in plagiarism. We believe in transparency, and we do not mislead our audiences knowingly. We do not distort facts, or present articles in ways that can ruin our audiences’ trust in our content. We have no political affiliations, and do not promote biased content.

We are open to reasonable criticism. We are committed to publish unbiased, factual and transparent content for our readers. If proven otherwise, we seriously acknowledge factual errors and correct them as soon as possible.

If you spot any fault in our content, contact us and we promise that we will work to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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