Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy 

Sangbad Times is committed to inform, educate and entertain readers in a transparent and unbiased manner. Our goal is to grow in a sustainable manner that ensures our economic and editorial independence in the field of media. We strive for high editorial standards and therefore adhere by the following guidelines:

Unbiased approach: Sangbad Times has no political affiliations, and do not promote biased content. We cross check facts from all ends of the political spectrum and apply the same standards to our content.

Factual content: Our aim is to provide factual content to our readers, therefore we aim to be accurate in our fact-checking process. We consult multiple sources to ensure that all the facts we provide are backed by sound evidence. Before publishing any news, we always cross check the sources. We do not promote fake news.

Transparency: We seek to retain the trust of our readers in our content. Our aim to provide unchanged news without putting our opinion. We have a team of hard-working content writers, and we do not believe in plagiarism.

If you spot any fault in our content, you are more than welcome to contact us and we will work to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

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